Artist Statement

Nicholas Monarch
Ambassador of the Dream State
Medium: Oil
Have you ever awoken from a dream with a vision?
“This may sound strange, but it’s true. One morning I woke up, and I was an Artist. Sure, I took numerous art classes and devoted a considerable amount of time to the study of symbols and visual aides.  However, that particular morning felt like an overnight occurrence.  I awoke from a dream that hit me with a explicit creative spark.”
My art has much to do with my dreams and visions.  The messages that I convey highlight the unsolved paradoxes that I wrestle with.  The purpose of my art is to communicate a sense of introspection and contemplation.  I enjoy condensing and creating mind-bending visuals into a cohesive map that challenges preconceived ideas of how our world works.  I consider the creation of my art aesthetic alchemy.  Naturally, it is inspired by esoteric principles.  My experiences and travels amongst various schools of thought and spiritual circles have heavily influenced my work.
To me, the beautiful part about being an artist is remembering that I am merely a conduit.  These drawings and paintings are ways to acknowledge my visions.  I hope to spark conversations that add onto the human experience for years to come.  My paintings present the amalgamation of various archetypes with ancient motifs.  I want my viewers to be transported into my work, dreams, and visions.  I love to juxtapose the relationship between how ideals are perceived versus how they are truly defined.  This inclination to merge such themes has given birth to The Dream State—a state of which I am the Ambassador.
My art illustrates the nexus of mysticism, science, and reality.  It represents the initiation of higher thought.  It is for those who unapologetically seek an alternative experience of art.